Blowdown Valve PA 46 DN 50 PN 40

Blowdown Valve PA 46 DN 50 PN 40 Intermittent blowdown is achieved by the valve cone opening very quickly. This briefly produces “vacuum” at the bottom of the boiler. The resulting suction removes settled sediment on the floor of the boiler, also known as boiler sludge, from the boiler. The blowdown action is only effective for the first two seconds. Longer opening times lead to water losses.

The boiler pressure supports the closing force of the MPA valve spring, so that the valve closes reliably. The primary area of use is steam boiler plants. The intermittent blowdown action of the valves is triggered by controls such as the TA 7, for example. The control consists of an electronic cycling timer, a three-way solenoid valve and a strainer

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Connection : Flange to DIN PN 40