Jual Valve Neles

Jual Valve Neles – Jual Valve Neles Jamesbury, kami menyediakan untuk beberapa valve serta instrumentasi yang bisa anda dapatkan di bagian product. Valve Neles sendiri biasa digunakan untuk Oil and Gas

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  • Wide variety of trim options and  wide material selection for different application including general and severe process.
  • Contoured plug, special multi drilled and multi staged trim are designed for high pressure drop of both compressible and uncompressible fluid as it enables the flow velocity.
  • Quick change trim and top entry construction
  • Low emission according to ISO 15848
Series: GU, GB, GM, GD, GW
Design: Linear globe valve
Size range: DN 25 – 500 / 1″ – 20″
Pressure classes: ANSI 150 – 4500
Temperature range: -198 °C … +593 °C

Untuk informasi stok dan harga bisa email ke : [email protected]